Time-honored principals of physical premises security integrated with cutting-edge technology

  • DETER. We make it difficult to enter the building unauthorized.
  • DETECT. We make it difficult to enter the building unnoticed.
  • DELAY. We make it difficult to enter or move through the building unchallenged.
  • ASSESS. We give you the tools to quickly assess and monitor a threat.
  • RESPOND. We automate important segments of your response program by notifying and accelerating response by staff, students and police when every second counts. We can help to get the right people, to the right place, as quickly as possible.

Schools need to be safe and secure while maintaining and promoting a positive educational environment. Securitec's approach is to evaluate and improve your school security without affecting the learning and social atmosphere of your school. And, we know that your security needs and concerns are not the same as another district's. Our solutions are customized to address your specific risks and goals.

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A copy of our white paper Reducing Active Shooter Risk in Schools through Improved Physical Security and Communication is available to school administrators and law enforcement personnel at no charge.

Covid-19 Statement from Securitec 😷

Securitec is dedicated to the health and well-being of our customers and employees. As an essential business, we will continue to operate normally with added safety protocols and procedures in response to the Covid-19 virus.